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DATEV Austria: a short portrait

Founded in 2001, DATEV is a success story in the Austrian market. The company is constantly growing and lives the slogan “Shaping the future. Together”. More than 20 employees have specialized on software and consulting for tax consultants, accountants and enterprises. DATEV is located in Vienna and has another office in Linz.

Trendsetter DATEV

Each of our customers has individual and special requirements to start into a successful future. We listen very carefully to these needs and analyze them in deep, so we can develop an individual concept for each customer. This gives us the chance to get a sense for general trends in the business. We are inspired to create new services to meet the requirements in advance. We do not follow trends, we set them. Customers benefit from this attitude because we constantly improve their processes by taking care of their software and knowledge to use it. Employees have more time for consulting and finding new customers – tax consultant offices can grow and prosper for a successful future.


Two outstanding projects in Austria are DIGIMATISIERUNG® and the DATEV quality seal. DIGIMATISIERUNG® is a term that unites fully digitized and automated processes. A company that DIGIMATIZES uses all possibilities the digital world offers to work efficiently. DATEV accompanies the whole change-process from the concept until the final setup. Tax consultants and accountants who work fully DIGIMATIZED prove that they are an innovative company, willing to adopt modern technology and learn something new to steadily improve. We think that this effort should be rewarded. Therefore we have created the DATEV quality seal. It is issued to tax consultants and accountants who use DIGIMATISIERUNG® in their daily routine. We have developed a special program for the quality seal, including a two-day event for directors and another event for employees. It is our goal to establish a network and proof of quality for tax consultants and accountants. Professionals achieve a competitive advantage by being able to offer new services and save costs by reducing complicated processes.


Our products are designed to make the work of our customers easier and more efficient. Many routine tasks will be done automatically and clients will be provided with up-to-date figures in book-keeping. The software can be individually adjusted.
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